Keep It Simple and Natural


Intro to Lit Study--EL 150

Poetry Selections

Looking at all of the poems that we had to read...all of them seemed to have a message of the outlook on nature and humanity. Let's look at three poem one by one shall we:

The Turtle by Vachel Lindsay

This poem was of course written for a younger audience. It just describes the basic thought that any child will think of when they imagine a pet turtle. It seem to tease the turtle becuase of the fact that the turtle did not suceed in bite the owner.

The Turtle by Ogden Nash

This one is more for adults than children. I think this line "Which practically conceal its sex" , could mean a variety of this. The "turtle" could be a person that is confused about his/her sex. But you can look at this play a different way by looking at the last line. "In a fix to be so fertile" could mean that the "turtle" could be highly interested about sex.

The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson

Ahh...reminds me of summer. I remember on my grandparent's backyard swing on the swing, play dodgeball,and numberous other activities. I think that Stevenson hit close to home when I read this play. It just shows innocence of thy think about having fun and that's about it. The second stanza travels outside the immediate area and explore. Because that is what children do...explore and imagine.

How differently do you see these poems from me.


I thought the Fertile Turtle was probably quite a horny guy, which is kind of funny since turtles are so slow. The turtle poems remind me of Disney movies. They sound as though they are geared only towards kids, but as you listen, there's always some type of innuendo that you laugh about and the kids just look at you like you're nuts.

kevin I like how you think.. I never thought of the turle by Ogden Nash as being a person. even though it comes together quite well.. The person hiding behind walls and wondering about sex and etc.. But who knows what the poems are really about. That is why it is fun to read them because so many people interpret them as something else.