Where Is The Love?


Intro to Lit Study-- EL150

Shakespeare, Anthony & Cleopatra, Acts III-V

Like the song, Black Eyed Peas beautifully sang...Where is the love? Because I do not see it in this play. Maybe Mike was right, that the main characters have absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. In Act III, Caesar demote Anthony from the top to a senator for Athens (note that he is trying to keep him away from Egypt). He is also angry that Anthony is making Cleopatra the most powerful woman in her sphere of infleunce (in this case the East). Look at this quote:

Contemning Rome, he has
done all this and more.
In Alexandria. Here's the matter of't
I'th'market-place on a tribunal silvered
Cleopatra and himself in chairs of gold
Were publicly enthroned; at the feet satů

He also stated that Anthony gave his empire up for a whore (I would say that to because Anthony made Octavia choose between him or her brother, but he's the one that is dishonest.). Anthony thinks that Caesar is giving him the shorter end of the wishbone when in fact, Cleopatra is the one messing him up.

All Anthony wanted was sex and power beyond his wildest dreams and ready to face Rome for it. Little did the reader (or audience) will know that he will commit suicide because Cleopatra falsified hers. Cleopatra "commited suicide" in Act IV because she thought that Anthony will blame her for what has happened. Check out her last minutes with her "boy toy" :

No more but e'en a woman commanded
By such poor passion as the maid that milks
And does the meanest chores. It were for me
To throw my sceptre at the injurious gods,
To tell them that the world did equal theirs
Till they had stol'n our jewel. All's but naught

How decietful is that... if love is suppose to conquer all, than faking her death to save herself wouldn't be necessary. I think that the love of these to were more of lust to begin with. Which brings me to the Shakespeare sonnet blog of Denamarie's. Understand that love and lust might look the same...be it will give you different results.


Enobarbus was a very likeable character... yet he died so early on (comparatively)

Kevin, I totally agree with everything you said. I think that Cleopatra really messed Antony up. He was really whipped around her finger. When Antony was on the water, navy ready, she left and he followed her. She only made things worse for Antony. The lust he had for her was a veil covering his face of what he couldn't see.