Gone Fishin'


Intro To Lit. Study--EL 150

Bowers, "The Luck Of Caesar"

When I was reading this article, the gears in my head started to turn (pause for laughter). This article was basically talking about romantic indentification and rejection. Antony was obviously wooed by Cleopatra and was willing to do everything for her. Bower even pointed out that she described catching Antony like catching a fish.

Cleopatra made it obvious that she could care less about which man goes to bed with her...at least in before she met Antony. I think that she needed Antony just as much as he needed her. Even though we see at the end of the play, Cleopatra seduces Caesar, she does NOT really mean it. She now (after he dead) loves Antony and willing to die for him. I think Antony's fear was that he was afraid of Cleopatra rejection. When the Egyptian navy fled from the Roman navy, he thought Cleopatra's "betrayal"as a form of rejection.

Bowers explain how Caesar was on Antony side for most of the play. That was because of his loyalty to Rome (not to Caesar, but to Rome). The luck of Caesar to me is that he knew about this "love/hate" reltionship that they had and took over. That is why all is not fair in love and war.


I viewed Caesar's luck as being that he doesn't have to deal with Antony. Ant's love for Cleopatra is what does him in, saving Caesar valuable troops and resources. The love triangle behind the politics is what Caesar is lucky enough to capitalize on.

Kevin i agree with you on the point that Caesar's luck comes from him understanding and knowing of Antony and Cleopatra's relationship. Because he could plan things out according to their relationship gave him luck in knowing that it would fall through and in the end give him what he wanted, even if it wasn't all his doing.
Mike is completely right about the triangle of love that is invisible in the play, but comes out at the end to show the victor, Caesar.