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Intro To Lit. Study--El 150

Truss, Eats, Shoots and Leaves

Truss believes that we should go retro with English grammar and bring back the semi-colon. To tjis day...I don't know what specifically semi-colons are suppose to do (other than breaking up two different ideas. But WHEN do I use it.) Truss, in this chapter doesn't make it easier either ( all I got from this chapter is that she attacked an eighth grader by using large vocabulary.) . She explained that the semi-colon is addictive.

To whom is she refering to?

I know is that I can't find any way to use the cursed semi-colon. If anyone is reading this please tell me what Truss is trying to say....Thanks.

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A comma gently separates parts of ideas; the semicolon joins complete thoughts.

Understanding punctuation is tricky; however, you can learn the rules.