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Intro to Lit Study--EL150

Just Another Thought: Not All Couples Hate Each Other To Death

I hope everyone had a nice week from the "abyss" known as Seton Hill University. When I was in Richmond, during a relaxation and self-enlightenment phase I had a swarm of story ideas. I owe it thanks to the creative writing section of the class. Cruel Valentine (A polished version is now on my blog) was a precursor to all of my ideas that I had during the break. I don't want to give myself a big head, but when I showed everyone the final draft of my story...they like it. My roomate had put it on his own blog and my mother had told me: "not bad for an amateur".

The couple that I had in this story was indeed aware of the plight that the relationship had turned. My inspiration I think for this story had to be the conversation that I had last semester with a group a friends. With a loud voice she asked me if I believe in a soulmate. I told her I did not...everyone who is thinks that they are meant for each other is actually further from the truth. 50% divorce rate in this country can testify to that. So, I wanted to take this form of soulmates and completely sour the whole situation. Terrible, huh?

Cruel Valentine had helped me with some more story ideas. I'm planning on putting together an collection of stories called Quarter Past Midnight. I don't know how many stories I will have in the anthology but Cruel Valentine will be the first.