At the end of the play when I read how Charley rose to made me realize that his character is much more than originally portrayed. I think that it is better for him to be in this play as an outside character because it shows that he overcomes every rotten thing that happens in the play. I think Henri make that realization to with this quote:

The world will never again be changed by heroes...

That, to me can be taken two ways. The fact that their campaign against Chaley will destroy any good thing that is left in there country. Or maybe that this world is so cruel that it is not worth it any more. I really enjoyed this play, I can tell Arthur Miller wrote this.


You're right. Miller has a way of saying things in such simple language,yet the quotes are so heavy. I agree that the like when Christ died, people were moved, but still went on being cruel. Then again, it made people realize the importance of love and sacrifice just as all the people in this play did when Charley died.

I think that Charley was a great character throughout the book as well. He was a hero to many people because he gave them something to believe in and hope. I thought it was great to see in the last scene how you could see who believed and who didnt; it really distinguished their personality. I also thought it was a great play because it relates to the world now with politics and religion and money.

But dont you think that -because- he is outside of the play, it is generically easy for him to overcome everything? There isn't a need for explanation as to how/why he overcomes obstacles... they just say he does, and its accepted.

I, personally, felt that it was hard to get attached to a character that was never seen or heard in the play. And I found it hard to believe the emotions coming from the characters who did believe in him. It's not because his character never makes an appearance (because there are a number of plays and movies where the threat or hero is unseen), but because Charlie wasn't developed as a character at all... and any miracles he performed were merely talked about by slack-jawed characters.

I'm kind of torn with Charley. I think he was a good character because he changed a lot of people in the play. At the same time though, I agrew with Mike with not believing in him as much of a character as the other ones. It was hard for me to think up an imaginative character. But like I said, he changed a lot of people in the play so that makes you like him as a character.