Nails, Blood, Products, and Ratings


I have never seen a Miller play so interesting. I saw a lot of the story to the play we read in EL250, Traction. We see a "messiah" that only a few people takes seriously. But only this time, people are taking advantage of this situation by selling product and airing this man's crucifixion. It seems that our society seems to take advantage at some of the things that are terrible. Being in the business of war, for example, will get you a a lot.

Back to the play, Emily sees a complete problem with this (Others do to... but she is the director of the execution filming). But she was egged on by her boss, who's clearly in it for the money. While reading this play, I asked myself this question: Does money takes the lead over morals and justice?
Of course we would like to say no, but look at our materialistic, "media-saturated" world and see if you can get a clear answer.


You brought up a very good point, Kevin. I see Emily almost as Pilate in the crucifixtion because she doesn't agree with the principles as Pilate did, but they both just went with the crowd. I wonder if this will effect her later? I think that money is what starts wars, not people who are different than us that are labeled as blood-thirsty terrorists. As risky as this to say, I think we are more like terrorists than the people in other countries. If we didn't want money there wouldn't be a war. Sorry, needed to get that out. I'm not trying to get on my soapbox, but you really ask thought-provoking questions.

Kev hey good blog by the way!!

Think how people today would react if Christ relived his resurrection. In comparrison I feel that people would not take either "Messiah or Christ" seriously.
Emily has a bit of a problem with the execution film. And what boss isnt money hungry. They only do things if they will get a lump sum. To answer your question; YES money does take over justice and moral values. That would be any case scenerio really.

Miller makes a few subtle differences between Ralph and Jesus. Jesus never questioned that he was the son of God. He always knew 100% that he was (but then again, if Ralph is just in everyone's imaginations... then they in fact are questioning this, not Ralph).

And Jesus also never "lit up"