The Unclear Cut Diamond

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Intro to Lit Study--EL 150
Stephenson, The Diamond Age

I really, really would love this book better if I understood it. Nevertheless, I think I got the basic groundwork for what is happening. In this whole portion, so many characters and terms in this science fiction make this choice the most difficult to read. Just imagine the world like the one in the book. The end of Democracy as we know it, machines in some point are extremely more advanced than humans, and deliquent loans are answered by a trip to a camp and possible execution. The world is changing, but do you want the world as strange and dangerous as Diamond Age? (I'm not making this up) There is a plan implementing to have a 'credit' system without using card by using fingerprints. Trust me when I say the future is closer than you think.

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Such things as paper-thin computer displays, the manipulation of individual atoms to make simple machines, and the use of game-like simulations in education are all things that were science fiction in 1995 (when the book was published) but have become real since then.

I agree the book presents a lot of very complex material, very quickly. It really does make sense -- as I re-read it in order to prepare for class, I'm seeing connections that I didn't notice before. But I do think that, when we get to the middle part of the book, you'll start seeing more and more connections.