Utopian To Psychos!

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After I read Hayles article, I can understand what she is talking about. I think that instead of making themselves better through tehnological advances they actually degraded themselves.

Hayles mentioned the part of Bud executions by nanobodies in his bloodstream... does that seem Utopian to you? But at the same time, it is (with the primer at least) a good leap forward in education:

"A marvel of sophisticated nanocomputing, the Primer can be thought of as itselfutopian, for it represents a world so compelling that it seems to provide abounded and secure alternative to the real world."

Maybe that is what the book is in search of...an true education. If the Primer is meant to give students the first hand experience in a cruel world like that than there is no way it could be anything different.

I for one would like to say that I hope I never see this book again. (My apologies Dr. Jerz)

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I realize my selections won't match those of everyone in the class.

A student in EL 150 two years ago, who initially hated the book, but just wallked by my office, saw a copy of the book on my table, and pumped her fist in the air joyfully, saying "Diamond Age! Yeah!" She suggested I send you to her blog.