Back By Pouplar Demand: Kelo The Great's Blogging Collection: Part 2

Intro to Lit. Study--EL150

Blogging Portfolio

I really enjoyed the in-depth literary discussions that we have had in this course. This porfolio, like the previous, will share some of the memories.


Opportunity Knocks
This is the political relationship between the Antony & Cleopatra can be summed up in one word... scandalous!

Gone Fishin'
This is more on the personal relationships in Antony & Cleopatra (still scandalous).

Rationalize or Romaticize
Is it better to think or to love?

Going Out With Wit
A play that made me think


U.S. Punctuation Patrol...Join Now!
An extended invitation to the masses.

Nails, Blood, Products, and Ratings
Miller's modern play in a Miller modern world. (Reach back to Traction)


U.S. Punctuation Patrol...Join Now!
I share the same beliefs of the class on puntuation.

Utopian To Psychos!
Dr.Jerz tries to convince me to Diamond Age

">The ; Problem
The Semi-Colon...need I say more?


Blank Verse... Really?

We talk about home and school
Man was I such a fool

U.S. Punctuation Patrol...Join Now!
Discussed our need for the USPP.

Charley as a symbol...

All blogs here are pretty self explanatory. "Early bird catches the worm!"

Gone Fishin'
During break

U.S. Punctuation Patrol...Join Now!
Two days prior

Going Out With Wit
Two days prior


Andy LoNigro

Death be not Proud
"To me Vivian is a very strong-willed person"

Amanda Nichols

Wit 2
"I definitely felt really sad after finishing this play"

Denamarie Ercolani

Ressurection Blues 2

"This story continues to grow on me"

Elyse Branum

Resurrection Blues 3
"When looking at all the church goers, I realized that all of these people felt that Jesus was full of love. Now, the characters in this book are sitting back and taking in Charley because of his love. "

Wild Card

To Grab Someone Page By Page
My views on the creative aspects in English.