A Devil in A Blue Dress

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Beyond the Net: Feminist Criticism as Moral Criticism, Donovan

Literary Criticism--EL312

According to Donovan, women are shown as stereotypes of good and evil. Hanging on the coattails of Kolodny I think, she describes how we make women into either the quiet and intuitive housewife or the sadistic "devil in a blue dress" seductress.


It is not very bashing as Kolodny. Jason Pugh said that "Donovan argues multiple valid points about the history of women, and how unrealistic situations have been shown for women in literature." And Donovan does! She make a reference to the good and evil and women by metioning Mary and Eve. Donovan wants us to look at women in literature as the rest of human society as confusing creatures. Why anybody would WANT to take that claim is up for debate, but Donovan do not want us to look at women as black and white.

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I agree with the notion that women are complex characters. I've been around the proverbial block enough times to know how complex they are.

I have a hard time believing that any person or group of people are easily divided into "this" or "that." Sentiment such as "well, those people are all like this" is exactly the type of thought that creates racism and hatred and keeps us all from having a big 24/7 funkadelic block party.