Crazy Lady...Never Thought I'll See You Again

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"The Yellow Wallpaper", Gilbert and Gubar

Literary Criticism--EL312

Gilbert and Gubar thought of the narrator of the "Yellow Wallpaper" as a double of Gilman. I agree with them when they stated that "the female author enacts her own raging desire to escape male houses, and male texts....". I think it is a given that women and men react differently about imprisonment. Not trying to be sexist, but it is true. That is why the "cure was worst than the disease". I think that Gilman used a piece what actually happens in reality and made into something that became the heart of the story.

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Yes, Kevin, of course they see imprisonment differently...just as men and women see many other things differently. We are different. It is bound to occur and I think sometimes people forget that that is ok. We might not ever completely understand each other, but I think it is at least fair and realistic to recognize that we will of course see things differently and not automatically think that it is a bad thing.