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February 21, 2007

Here We Go Again....Kelo The Great's Blogging Portfolio for EL312

Blogging Portfolio, Hinton

Literary Criticism--EL312

With my experience with blogs, I just like to show off what I have done. So, here is my feeble attempt at playing with the big boys (meaning upperclassmen) on this portfolio. So without further adieu...


Reading Between The Lines

In this blog, I discussed how we must critique literary texts and shed ourselve from the basic "summary".

Speaking Of Vacuums...Look At This
I discussed how Melville was not immuned to the times.

Old McDonald's Thoughts of Shakespeare
Point by point about what Shakespere inteded and what he uses.

(I used outside sources on some of these)

Reading Between The Lines
Info from Herbert Simon of Stanford University.

Kelo The Great's Definition of the Week # 2
Showed examples of Black Humor

Speaking of Vacuums...Look At This
Used info on La Amistad

Blogging Carnivale ... Coming soon

(Who did I use for inspiration)

Not In A Vacuum
Something Karissa said in our first class.

Speaking of Vaccums...Look At This
Valerie's entry really gave me this idea.

The Lit Crit Gender Gap

Jay Pugh sparked something I thought about the article.


Is It Elementary, Watson?
We really talk about a meaning of a work here.

How Are You, Crazy Lady?
A lot of people wonder what I am talking about.

A Kaplan Interpretation
There seem to be a disagreement here.


Not In A Vacuum
2 days prior

Kelo The Great's Definition of The Week # 2
3 days prior

Kelo The Great's Definition of The Week # 4
4 days prior


Dave Moio

Time For An Intervention
Talkin' about Keats

Why Lock Up The Beast
Why Caliban is under control.

Tiffany Brattina

Musical Poetry
Shakespeare + Music= Arts

Diana Geleskie

The Hamlet of Last Tuesday
Taking a stab a reader-response crit.


Kelo The Great's Definition of the Week #1
I love the video...

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