Kelo The Great's Definition of the Week

Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms

Literary Criticism--EL312

Recently, I watched Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest. I was interested (along with most of the fans) in the main character Captian Jack Sparrow. His fanfare is going to epic proportions because of the fact that he is not a normal hero, in fact he is a....

antihero: A protagonist in a modern work who does not exhibit the qualities of the traditional hero. Instead of being a grand and/or admirable figure-brave, honest, and magnanimous, for example- an antihero is all too ordinary and may even be petty or downright dishonest.

Antiheroes, I think, are the next best thing in popular culture. One of my favorite antiheroes is Marvel's The Punisher (aka Frank Castle). A man who kills to save lives, is that a good thing? This is one the paradoxes that antiheroes use to make them stand out as what we always call a loose cannon.