Center Is Not The Center

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Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences, Derrida

Literary Criticism--EL312

...anyone with a different perspective can create a contradiction with anything anyone is asserting. This leaves the door open for poststructuralists to question everything.
Dave Moio

I agree with Dave. It seems that this literary approach has the ability to produce a lot of interpretations, which is a double edged sword. Derrida had some interesting ideas about the subject. He said that the center is not the center. What we think is the answer "ain't necessarily so."

Derrida stated that "the structural schemata are always proposed as hypotheses resulting from finite quantity of information and which are subjected to the proof of experience." Proof of experience? From who? The reader? The author? Maybe the characters? There is a lot of questions you can asked about poststructuralism and maybe I'm personally weary that one structure (under poststructuralism) of literary criticism can be thrown out of the window.

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