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March 4, 2007

Kelo The Great's Definition Of The Week

The Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms

Literary Criticism--EL312

After reading Benito Cereno and watching Forrest Gump not too long ago, I saw this term and I had to use this...

naive hero : A protagonist, generally the narrator of a work, who consistently misinterprets the events or situations he or she witnesses or experiences becauses of some character trait such as innocence, stupidity, or insensitivity.

This have to be the reason why "Captain Happy' could not realize that he was in a middle of a slave revolt. Or why dear old Forrest Gump did not realized how many historically important events he was a part of. This kind of character give an ironic feel to the story. Everyone know everything except for them.

Posted by KevinHinton at March 4, 2007 10:21 PM


That's a great term that I wish I'd had at my fingertips when I gave my reading of Captain Delano! I spoke a little about the "unreliable narrator," but this is a different, and much more appropriate, concept.

Good call, Kevin.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz Author Profile Page at March 4, 2007 10:43 PM

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