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March 23, 2007

Kelo The Great's Definition Of The Week

The Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms

Literary Criticism--EL312

Due to the recent readings and the idea I have for my term paper, I must do this definition:

postmodernism: Certain radically experimental works of literature and art produced after World War II....
The postmodern era, with its potential for mass destruction and its shocking history of genocide, has evoked a continuing disillusionment similiar to that widely experienced during the Modern Period. Much of postmodernist writing reveals and highlights the alienation of individuals and the meaninglessness of human existence.

Postmodernists think of the human race as two rabid pitbulls going at it. They are very reluctant to believe that human beings are very nice at heart. It is shown through literature by author such as John Ashberry. Postmodernists pass a threshold that everyone else will not cross. So when you find a text that describes how horrible human nature is...the believe that it cam for the postmodern era.

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