Like A Pack Of Pitbulls...I Mean Postmodernist

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Postmortem for a Postmodernist, Berger

Literary Criticism--EL312

Love? What's love got to do with it? Love us a modernist abstraction. Postmodernists are more concerned with sex

Violence, sex, power...

Just like a bunch of territorial pitbulls, the characters in this book are really brutal. In a way, there are the true definition of postmodernists. There were all looking out for numero uno and they were willing to do anything to get it. The fact that we did not realize that the book was (like Pale Fire) was written by a fictional autor, Basil Constant, and the "murderers" never see justice is very "poststructural postmodernistic". It teaches us about the roots of postmodernism via all the shady characters of this book. A lot of people in the class had very different views about the book other that I:

While I don't think it was sexually based, I do think that the elements of the sexual relationships in the book were putting the whole focus of the book off-kilter.

What a weird creation- people need hobbies

So there may have been a negative consensus about the book and I do believe that it was overdone, but it is supposed to show the "Postsructural Postmodernist"...people who just don't care.

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The characters are the examples of the postmodernist ideal(s). I'm guessing that is why they are who they are.