Mitchell Steele and I Are On The Same Boat


Ch 6 Intro, Keesey

Literary Criticism--EL312

Like Mitch, I was little confused about the Keesey reading for this week. I found this incredibly odd due to the fact it is usually an easy read. I had a feeling that I have to look at the definiton of the word poststructuralism. The definiton states that it is a general attempt to contest and subvert structuralism and to formulate new theories regarding interpretation and meaning. I think in basic terms, forget about everything that we learned before poststructuralism.

Keesey, I think, believes that language is yet another way to critique literature. However, when I think about this form of criticism, I think formalism. So what is the big difference between formalism and poststructuralism. I mean both means to look at the language in the work, right? Maybe poststructuralism means not to look at the work itself. But I am in a quagmire right now, or am I?


Yes, Kev, and it is also extremely bewildering!

I agree with you to the point that Don Keesey's intro was a bit more confusing than normal.

I will be the first to admit I still don't really get post-structural theory. I really need something like the power-point version of how it is defined with examples.

As best I could tell from post-structuralism and post-modernism is that they are, basically, absudrist theory. Essentially they say that everything matter while nothing matters.

At least, that's what I got.