Add 1oz of Literature, A Dash of History, and Pinch of Politics


Literature, History, Politics, Belsey

Literary Criticism--EL312

As linguistic habits alter, cultures are transformed. Difference, history, change reappear.

Since history is a reaccuring theme in this game of life, then would it be safe to say that if literature was tied with history, then that would be a reaccuring theme? For centuries, there have been breakthoughs in different forms and criticisms of literature. But in history a lot of events happened, yet most of these events are similiar (locations, people and outcome may not change). So can we really put literature and history together without force them together. Literatre and politics CAN go together however due to canonization of text. Can we really change literature to reflect my aformentioned blog? Belsey stated that:

The literary institution has "fictioned" a criticism which uncritically protests its own truth; we must instead "fiction" a literature which renders up renders up our true history in the interests of politics of changes

Maybe we can. Maybe we can't I'm not sure.


I have to agree with you that history is a recurring theme, without our beginnings where would our endings be?

Literature definitely is a part of history. Literature gives us a way of remaking history or showing a different side of history that the history book don't or won't tell us about...