Culture Shock

Ch 7 Intro, Keesey

Literary Criticism--EL312

In plenty of our discussions in class we talked about what is the differnce between high art and low art. The whole meaning of culture is a tread that last through out the ages. Keesey stated that:

literature imitates universal human nature and conveys timeless truths

Historical events and culture are together, yet the are different. Culture is more closely tied to the auduence than a historical event. So, in order to understand more about literature (especially canonized literature), we must learn the culture that surrounded it.

You can't get an inside joke or reference without knowing the culture behind it. However, quote Vanessa when I say that it's more that just culture. By understanding literature, we will understand not only the cultur , but the langauge as well. Keesey has to asked the question "What gets defined as literature?"

I ask that same question to you good folks. Want do we consider in the world of entertainment literature.