Hola y Adios Amigos (or not)

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Blog Carnivale, Hinton

Literary Criticism--EL312

In the portfolio, I mentioned the three p's (porfolios, papers, and projects) and how everyone in class is affected by it. We say and do a lot of things to pass the time. One of my American Lit. amigos, Kevin McGinnis, writes (or should I say vent) a lot to pass the time.

Look at Oh man, classic. Total classic.

Some people freak out before a presentation. Even though they are strong inside anyway.

Check out Valerie Masciarelli in Derrida presentation: the scariest reading ever

But maybe it is reading structure in a literary text that is confusing to us. Poststructuralism was one of the most difficult lessons that we had. Kevin McGinnis shows his frustration about Derrida's article. While I compared the characters of Postmortem for a Postmodernist to a pack of pitbulls . While I'm screaming about pitbuls, Val is ushering in the lesson on her blog. If this is a blog carnival that confuses you...good. Then a postmodernist take on this blog is working.

Nevertheless, we come together in a common cause to learn how to approach literature in a different ways. I would like to say to my two blogmates and the rest of the classmates, Cuelgue en allí mis amigos (Hang in there my friends).

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