Which Crit Is It?

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Nymphs and Reapers Heavily Vanish, Barker and Hulme

Literary Criticism--EL312

After reading this essay and reading other blogs, there is a little discrepency about what is the actual criticism for this particular article. I've seen author intent, reader-response, and intertextuality criticism being applied to The Tempest in this particular article. I think that the reason why this article is looked at in a cultural context is because that it has the ability to easily used all of the criticisms. It's just like I said in my term project presentation, culture itself is open to interpretation and can be changed to fit anything.

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You have it right there. Culture is open to anything. However, keep in mind what was in Greenblatt's article. A cultural critique of any work really does encompass all of the criticisms that we have studied in this semester. I think that might be why Dr. Jerz and Keesey left it for last. It is like a culminating activity.