Hazard, Yet Forward

Cover Entry, Hinton

Literary Criticism--EL312

Lit Crit...Oh Lit Crit.

The things I have learned in this class has been extremely useful and helpful. The title of my blog, however, my have you think that I am careful to move on in this major. The pace of this class gave me a taste of a (sort of) graduate level course. Maybe that is something that I need to get use to, due to my interest in college academia. I learned a lot in that class and I can wait to use it outside of this class and apply it.

Classes like this weed out the English major "pretenders" and the hardcore "bookworms". I love the intellectual discussions that we had in that class. I think...I KNOW that I learned more in the discussions, the projects, the one on one insights, then I ever would in the book.

I'm pretty sure that I passed the class and have gotten information out of the class. But at the same time there is something that has been bothering me about this class. I think I should have done better and without blaming anyone I know that I should have tried harder. "At first you don't suceed, pick yourself up and try again."