The Mania Called Graduate School

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With my junior year soon aproaching my desire for acedemia and literature grows. I began to look at grad schools as the long and uneventful summer drags on and on. All of the schools are in the locales of the great commonweatlhs of Virginia and Pennsylvania. After some researching and thoughtful inquires I have come up with the following list of schools:

James Madison University (VA)
George Mason University (VA)
University Of Virginia
Virginia Commonwealth University
University of Pittsburgh

Of course, by just deciding on the schools that I want to apply to I have only skimmed the surface of a vast ocean. In order for me to dive deeper I have to do tons of research and of course visit the campuses in question. I never been so excited in my life, realizing that my "undergraduate humor" won't help me if I am not serious about literature and creative writing but I can't even make up my mind on which one to pick to study on in grad school. Even though I am not worrying and I know the specific (if not the general) information about the to specifications and the M.A./M.F.A diference. I have about another year to test the waters a little and I'm all the better for it.

If you are wondering, my first choice at the moment is the University of Virginia. I believe that all of my possible M.A. and PHD pursuits could be an easy transition in that program. But being a unlucky person in poker, I've learned that you don't put all of your chips on on school.

I'm about 40% excited, 40% cautious, 20% scared about this whole thing. Neverthless, I have been through more stressful situation... my senior year in high school.

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You're putting far more thought into your graduate plans than I ever did. I think it will serve you well.