Will Paradise Be Lost On Film?

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There are rumors flying around for the last few months that a film adaptation to Milton's epic poem "Paradise Lost" will be out in theaters some time soon. I find that the premise of this movie could be just as good as the play with the great battle between Heaven and Hell, the fall of Man, and all the things we know about the creation in Christianity.

Paradise Lost, according to an article in the New York Times, is currently being created to entice a Christian audience who enjoy films like " The Passion of The Christ". On the other hand, the poem had influenced movies that isn't exactly what I call "Christian Friendly" (I mean by violence, drugs, sex, for little or no reason) like 1998's Devil's Advocate. So how can the film be tailor made to one group of people and with the source of the film playing both sides of the fence?

Staurt Hazeldine, one the writers of the new project said that it would be a problem to some degree stating that “We often find that we are wondering, are we too worldly for the church and too churchy for the world?”

1 Comment

How did I miss that story when it first came out? Thanks for bringing it to my attention.