Don't Believe The Hype


Mardorossian, Double (De)Colonization and the Feminist Criticism of Wide Sargasso Sea
EL237--Writing About Literature

Jen had mentioned that the only reason why we see Antonette/Bertha a certain way because of the fact that every one else create this persona of her. It seems that every character in the novel seemed to be pushed by a force that defines them. Mardorossian gives us how Rhys makes us see the different kinds of characters in Wide Sargasso Sea . We see former black slaves, white Creole elite, and everyone else in between because of the situations that we see them in. In novels that deal with so many different groups of people, some sort of problem will ensue.


All the characters in Sea/Eyre have some sort of circumstance that has happened in the past, defining who they are in the present. We see Antoinette as a victim and not insane because we understand her racial/patriarchal struggle. There will always be class/race issues. Although we can hope and pray, mankind will probably never be able to tolerate and celebrate everyone's differences.

Of course. Just look at Wicked (as Dani mentioned) and even Harry Potter.

I don't think its truly possible to create a believeable character that doesn't have a sort of history defining who they are.