Doesn't Dr. Jerz Have Facebook?

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EL236--Writing for the Internet
Shapira, When Young Teachers Go Wild on the Web
Schwartz, Malweblolence


When I read Shapira's article, I laughed. One of the examples that I saw was the Richmond Public School art teacher painting a picture with his buttocks. I remember that story as clear as day. It just go to show that everything on the web could literally be translated in reality. Everything that we write and post online defines us. Just think of yourself as a politician for a moment, would you want college students angry at you because you wrote on your blog that college students was lazy. Another voting demographic lost.

This also reminds us that Facebook and MySpace does really help with this unprofessionalism. My first thoughts when Dr. Jerz profile surfaced on Facebook were ones of confusion and glee. I didn't worry that pictures of his wild parties would surface when his friends witnessed a glorious kegstand. But for others, I believe that they will have rude awakening.

Professional punishment isn't the only bad thing that could happen to a person. These "trolls" are out there causing financial and emotional problems. What I don't understand what is the thrill for these guys. I remember the Megan Meier case as some powerful force that the internet could have on people.

Do you think we need to, in some way, control the content of the Internet?

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Dr. Jerz does have a Facebook and I believe that I am one of his friends, well I am still waiting for his confirmation. Ha ha ha.

If we start controlling the internet, what fun would it be? I think that for most people, they turn to these social websites for a way to freely express themselves without worrying about what might happen to them. But for these teachers, they are the ones teaching the young minds so they should have more class and dignity to even think about having a MySpace or a Facebook.

It is scary to think what are world is turning into.