Jolting It Up


Computers condition us for "high joltage." A jolt is an emotional reaward that follows a prescribed action. Turn on the TV at the right time for your favorite program, and it delivers jolts. Watch a movie and it delivers jolts. Log on to your favorite forum or chat room, and you get jolts of praise or blame.

As I begin to venture into the gist of internet writing, I should understand that I have to make surfers to stay at my sight. I think it is a good way to sharpen my skills as a writer. It is just another form of writing that we have to get used to like journalistis, creative, or technical. Educators are already finding out that web-writing is a strong skill to take advantage. Minneapolis-St. Paul schools are started these programs in middle school and it allowed them to pass a test. Web writing also allows students from Korea to learn English. "Jolting" afflicts us but at the same time it allows the internet to become fast paced and easily accessible.


I never thought about it before, but when I write a story, I am trying to fit as many jolts in there as possible. I used to call them plot twists or surprises, but they are jolts according to Kilian. I just think that it makes it worth the readers time to give an emotional reward after 300 pages of b.s. (I would never limit myself to such a short story. :-))

Dude, Jed! You're totally right. When I write stories I try to make people as "jolted" as possible that way people continue reading and seem to really like my stories. Although, I don't like the word "jolt."