Organize and Be Merry

There is an extreme necessity for organization when it comes to creating a website. Eyetrack III had taught us about how to use our content and make it practical for reading. Killian made me realize something:

Treat every page like a front page  

We have to understand that each page is a doorway to our site, and even though it may not be the homepage. Reading a website kind of reminded me of how I learned to read acedemic article. Find a specific part a read the parts around it, I would have never gotten through Literary Criticism. In my current topic entry, I debated Aja about how much time that we have about reading the archaic print newspapers. Web readers have no time and need a guidance to get through the webpage. 

I also learned about how I have to make websites adaptable to other media like print. I heard a lot in this class on how web will kill the print stars, yet the Web makes itself available to go backward in technology.