Showcase of Unlikely and Surprising Talent- EL236 Portfolio

I have to admit that I did not think I had it in me. To make websites and design them from scratch. Wow. Here I think I could show you all what I have been up to.


Do We Measure Our Lives in Sound Bites?

How is the print world adapting to the new and scary world. Aja and I have an exchange, while Daniella came to my rescue (Thank you and good points, Aja).

I Saw The Best Minds

Here I explain how technology could be affecting education.


Don't Confuse Me, Please

I posted this on a Saturday and people responded well. I really enjoyed Jed's response to this. I should comment on his blog more often.

Doesn't Dr. Jerz Have Facebook?

Social networks= online problems


 Do We Measure Our Lives in Sound Bites?

Aja and Denemarie pick an intellectual standoff with me


Why People Hate Newbies

I go into detail about the SHU blogs and the class of 2009. I also make comparison to that situation and Eternal September.


Aja Hannah

I gave Aja an example of Wikipedia's "sources". I also try to keep the conversation going in my blog.

Denamarie Ercolani

I shared with Denamarie about how all aspects of writing work.

Jackie Johns

With new technology comes a new set of problems.