The Parting of Latin and Anglo

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After reading this part I understood the reason why the web writer would want to use Anglo-Saxon words. It is used in everyday speech and because the web is used by ordinary people as well as multi-linguist, intellectuals and computer geeks. Killian states that Anglo-Saxon words "are more immediate and understandable than Greco-Latin ones."

Understanding that English is a psychedelic blend of Greco-Latin and Anglo-Saxon words, I felt like I should be in STW class again writing papers. I agree with Andy on his skepticism of our need to use Anglo-Saxon words. I think that because of the language itself, it'll just be a pain making the content for websites.

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Kevin, do you think that if we did use Kilian's example of "folks" instead of "people," we would appeal to more of an audience? I think "folks" would be more of an idiom which would appeal to a smaller audience? Perhaps not but in my opinion, why use a word that wouldn't appeal to more people?