You Think STW Was Bad...


Online writing is indeed something that we should sharpen in order for readers understand our websites. I think that this chapter is just an online version of Seminar in Thinking and Writing. I learned a lot about reading levels and specific styles of web writing. I was interested that Killian had mentioned the Kincaid Reading Level test (I found it funny that I found an Wikipedia article that explains it in Simple English) . It is used as a way to get writer to understand how difficult it may be for people to read their site. 

Since webwriting is just another form of writing, all rules and guidlines apply. I should have brought my AP stylebook from home, because I guarantee you this chapter and that book is very similiar. In Journalism, everything must be simplfied and told quickly. Nevertheless, there are a bunch of websites out there that don't even know about these guidelines. Honestly, I didn't even know that they were these rules to follow.

Depending on which website you go to, there is a clear vision of what professionalism is. The first amendment protects the content of these websites but one shread of unprofessionalism would cause the website to lose its message.

Do you think that styles of writing should be promoted to all of these websites, personal or not?  


Yes, that AP Stylebook is popping up in all kinds of places I never thought I'd see it! When I was first introduced to this text in News Writing last semester, I thought it only applied to journalism; now, however, I'm seeing it as somewhat of a style Bible. No matter the genre, it seems, if you're at a loss for style guidelines you can default to AP style.

*shudder....Thinking and Writing. So many things I learned, and so many things I had to unlearn.

I do feel that web writing is a little more casual than print, just because so many people have access to the internet. Anyone can be a writer nowadays, but that doesn't mean they're good writers.

Every medium should have rules. There are some that apply to many mediums, like that AP Stylebook that keeps rearing its head.

Newswriting part 2: the web

I don't think there should be a system of rules that every website has to have or it gets shut down. I think having that freedom makes things interesting and people are able to be creative. And I also think that if webwriters abide by those rules, they will have a successful website, but if they don't abide by the rules, their site is more likely to fail. That's the beauty of it! We get to decide whether or not a website is good and I think the rules being optional to use or not use plays a big part in that.