A Creator , the Website, and the Mind


In The Fall of the Site of Marsha, an actual website goes through horrific changes as the fears and the tragedies of its creator, Marsha, are realized. The readers of her website, in some way, see the unconscious mind of Marsha. Since the mind of Marsha can be easily tied to the website, each of the three parts of the website could be the stages of psychoanalytical theory; the spring of ’98 as the ego, the summer of ’98 as the superego, and the fall of ’98 as the id.

I noticed how an extreme love of angels defines her ego. She uses this love to hide from the pain and the anguish of the loss of her father. If you look at certain parts of the websites, you can see a normal person talking about her life and her husband on the web. However, as in Fortune's Wheel, one's life could end up on the bottom.

As the months go on, the website goes through erratic changes. It could be a litany of things that could be responsible for the "hackers", but it matches the mood of the creator. You may notice the clouds getting darker in the background and obscene phrases scratched. Marsha is haunted by the death of her father, which may imply that she was somehow involved. Her anger must have hit a tipping point when she was unable to see the picture of her husband cheating on her with Bits. There must be a swarm of hatred and problems around her her head and the webpage reflects that notion. Her superego are now links turning into pockets of guilt and discoveries of betrayal.

Now the irrational, wild meltdown of the creator is seen in the fall of that year. The "hackers" now are in control of not only the website, but her entire life. The fact that she gave up with the website could mean that she gave up on her life in general. One part of this theory is if one looks at the threads of the Private Door, Marsha's response to Mike are becoming erratic. Each part of the website, each beatiful image is becoming distorted and confusing just like the Id of the human mind. Freud had dwelled extensively on this subject:

It is the dark, inaccessible part of our personality, what little we know of it we have learnt from our study of the dream-work and of the construction of neurotic symptoms, and most of this is of a negative character and can be described only as a contrast to the ego. We all approach the id with analogies: we call it a chaos, a cauldron full of seething excitations ... It is filled with energy reaching it from the instincts, but it has no organization, produces no collective will, but only a striving to bring about the satisfaction of the instinctual needs subject to the observance of the pleasure principle

The beastly actions of human nature cannot be translated to a sophisticated art form such as web design. Therefore you cannot see an order within the website as the reasoning began to wash away.        


Fascinating. I never saw this before, Kevin. You're right--it is totally creepy. At first I was attracted to your post because of the title you mentioned: "The Fall of the Site of Marsha." I smiled, recognizing the Poe reference.

This is for Writing for the Internet? I bet you could have fun analyzing this! I'm interested to know more about your final statements, regarding web design as a sophisticated art form that doesn't show order. Do you mean the order in which the site declined in parallel with the author's life? Like still frames of an organic, evolving mass? I think you summed up quite well how the site seems to illustrate the steps into a slow decline, using the psychological connection to Freudian theory. But there is order in the evolving disorder of the site, in my opinion, since the disorder highlights the woman's ultimate "fall." I'm also interested to know more about your thoughts of web design as an art form.

You don't have to respond since I'm just responding to you for fun, but I wanted to send my thoughts :) Hope you're doing well.


You've heard of the term organized mess before, right? This is an excellent definition. I argee that there is order, but there is a lack of control. Since Marsha cannot control the aspects of her life and therefore can't control her mind or her website.

It is always nice to hear from you. I'm doing well, thanks for asking.