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In order to understand some stories, the reader must it break down to basic elements (plot, characters, etc). In this case, it is a woman's body that is being broken down for the purpose to be examined. The stories of each body part also works like a body part. Each story contribute to the larger story, the description.

By breaking this story down the body, the reader knows the character using the body. This way, there is a change in the character. She is able to understand herself and to accept her body for what it is. She accepts every quality of her body, but sometime goes back to revulsion:

I was induced to shave my underarm hair by my mother, I think, though I don't remember it. It was high school, I was playing sports, and I reeked. My dry, stainless, odorless child body had shivered all over and metamorphosed into a stinking, sweating, oozing hulk sprouting hair. I found myself disgusting.

As the character opens her body to examination, the reader in turn must examine themselves, that is if they intend to scrutinize the body.

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I think you make a very good point, Kevin. I sensed such a theme as the author hating parts of herself, but then learning to accept the changes or make adjustments to like them. You're also right about the reader being forced to look at themselves and their viewpoint on their own body.

I like the fact that you wrote about how the author broke down the story at large into simple elements. One may be able to give a simple answer about the body as a whole, but sometimes you need to understand things separately before you can understand it all. Great insight, it made me think a bit more on this reading!