Dichotomy of Sanity and Insanity

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In the University of Yellow Wallpaper, each link represent a feeling or thought that manefest from others. The site itself is a breakdown of structure, breaking all conventional rules of linear storytelling. This quote explains that approach:

A return is generally a going back; yet in this case the detour was already a going back, so that the return is a coming forward once again.

White uses the website to question how we read stories. It's similar to the movie Pulp Fiction, time is no longer an issue because the plot itself is scrambled. The audience is force to watch each scene, bit by bit, to get the gist of it at that particular moment.

The narrator is "getting mixed up" and therefore mixing the reader up with various links to other thoughts. "The pattern is torturing" to some who see fiction as a catalyst to real life (events happening in chronological order), instead of a world by itself. However, our minds when processing certain events seems to trancend time. People sometimes notices how time stops when they're in love or speed up when an unwanted scheduled event approaches. Those people are so suc in the moment, chronolical factor does not apply.

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Time, time, time. We all want more and we all want less. It's truly relative in all aspects, most exceptionally when concerning the mind. Throw in a bit of careening storytelling, and you've a perfect recipe for insanity. I almost wonder at some moments how someone who is declared mentally ill perceives time. Is it like all the rest of us?

I like how you gave different examples of the theory of relativity. It's crazy when you're having fun and time seems to fly by, but as soon as you have to do something you don't like time grinds to a halt. Anyway, at least we haven't found a way of time travel (that we know of) and I personally think that's a pretty good thing. Time is definitely not something we need to be messing with, me thinks.