Get Clickin'

Sidenote: Sarah Palin has convinced me to drop the "g" from verbs.

Back to the topic at hand. I've dipped my hand into some of the electronic literature and I have to tell you that it is a unique experience. I believe that this form of literature is meant for the abstract. I mean that I probably have a felling that not a lot of people are going to get the messages of some of these stories because they are not presented in a linear format. Some of the "e-lit" are presented without the luxary of text, such as Deviant. Others are given to us as phony websites, like The Fall of the Site of Marsha. And then we have the one, like Tao, that basically gives one us statement. Nevertheless this sites have meaning that we have to plow through to enjoy. If we can do that, we can understand any medium of art.