In A 16k World...

When I read the blog entry, I noticed how critically you had to think when playing these games. Adventureland, show the point on how gaming technology had started. These game were orginally created for home computers, not technology geeks (even though they probably enjoyed it.). I thnk I can understand why there was such an emphasis on what verbs and nouns you used in the game. In a 1998 interview, Adams was asked what was his dream as a child, and he simply answered: be a writer. That interested me. I was really interested to know the writers place in the gaming industry. An article in stated that:

One skill that is crucial, besides writing ability, to success in the game industry is passion. If you don't enjoy games or are unfamiliar with the latest technology, then you'll find the gaming world unfriendly. If you want to learn more about video games, buy or rent a console and a few game magazines. Don't try to break into this industry if you're simply looking for work; most video game writers take the jobs , first and foremost, because they enjoy the work.

Writers are thrusting themselves in the corners of technology. The need for them is just as great as in past years.