The Devil in the HTML

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One of the "e-lit" that caught my attention is The Fall of the Site of Marsha. A visual spiral of a woman's life in turmoil. Marsha's love of angels is only matched by the happiness of her life. However, as her website gets more distorted, her sorrow seem to materialize into another character that is actually controlling the website. Marsha's angels turn into demons as her father died and her husband cheated on her with her best friend. Messages are plauging as if they are in her head themselves, due to the fact that those nasty quotes are crossed out and not erased:

Leave my website ALONE! nice try, marsha

I can't take it ANY MORE! I DID NOT hurt my father!!!! you don't get off the hook that easily, marsha

This is also an online struggle of self, as well as a struggle against the supernatural. We never find out who exactly is hacking into Marsha's website and it makes it all the more creepier. 


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Your brief reaction to the assignment is a great refresher for me because I've felt overwhelemed with the flood of assignments and don't have time to comment many people's long blogs. In your response, you included just enough to interest me to visit the site without describing it in lengthy detail (something I did also).