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October 21, 2005

AP Guide to Kevin getting sued daily

And the number one reason on tonight's top-ten list of Why I Could Never Be a Major Journalist is:

I would be sued every single day for liable and slander.

Here's the whole thing, I understand there's a fine line to be walked in journalism. You cant say too much or you risk being slanderous, but say too little and your readership is lost. It's difficult, I understand this, but I'm somewhat of a watchdog/accusatory jerk.

In my limited experience, I've enjoyed really getting up in people's faces and asking them tough questions or reporting on the total shortcomings of a business or product.

Granted, the rules are a bit different for public and private sectors. Public officials are exactly that; public. The private citizen, though, have not been elected by the people nor are they volunteering their entire lifestory. But even that is changing thanks to the Patriot Act.

And don't get me rolling on that crap. That's an entirely different lecture.

I like to think I would be a Woodward or Bernstein, and really be a watchdog and bring down the man who has done us wrong, but with hoe the media is today, it would never happen. Our press corp is gone. They've been replaced with puppets who've been fed loaded questions and the speeches are full of prepared statements and "surprise" visits. It's all crap.

Posted by KevinMcGinnis at October 21, 2005 11:23 PM


Dude, you SOOOO remind me of Huey, in Boondocks.. I'm hoping you know what I'm talking about. Best comic strip ever.


Posted by: Mike at December 1, 2005 11:52 PM

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