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October 14, 2005

Reading from the Onion

Allow me to say I have been a huge fan of the Onion since about 7th grade when people like Dennis Miller (before he became a turncoat) was my hero. The Onion gave people like me a voice; even at a younger age, I was a satirical young man.

With it regarding the AP Guide, I thought it was a perfect tie-in into diction, structure, accuracy, hyperbole, etc. CNN as the Crappy News Not-Work and the Grammar change were perfect selections (even if I had read the grammar one outside Dr. Jerz office...).

In all my years, I've always been known for being a strange one when it comes to structure and diction. I've been one of those who will use inversion to stress a point, but confuse those who haven't been paying attention. I will use a very loose style of writing (as we can all see right now), and the grammar change story really had me rolling around cackling.

The CNN story, I thought, was perfect. I know people like that. People who will describe a certain news, media, or other group with such slanderous terms and think it makes an effective offense against them. Calling CNN the Clinton News Network is no more effective or beneficial than calling FOX News the Right-wing, neoconservative's haven.

Regardless of the factual accuity of these claims, its still in poor taste. It would be like punching out an 8-year old. Satisfying, yes, but by no means something you make a career of.

That AP guide has come in quite handy. I'm just glad it has the listing of official Military terms and how they are supposed to be printed, so I can point out when the news is wrong.

Posted by KevinMcGinnis at October 14, 2005 3:16 AM


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