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October 19, 2005

The Long Dark of Moria

Crime reporting, oh how it is thee whom I loathe. I have a friend, a gal named Kathleen. She writes for PSU's Daily Collegian. She had to do an entire semester of crime reporting. She would sit in the court and really want to rip her face off by the end of the day.

Maybe my view was a little more skewed coming into this section, but, still...

What makes it worse? That almost Flow-chart that Dr. Jerz gave us (the one explaining the court process and how each things goes to the next, etc etc) makes the most bloody sense of everything. Once again, my view might be a little skewed because I had some prior knowledge in things and I love to nitpick the courts.

The notes provided for crime beat, court proceedings, etc were all helpful and they clarified a few apsects that have become a little muddied over the years.

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