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October 14, 2005

Trib Review

Less so than any one specific article, I want to discuss the "conversation" I had with Lou after class. We weren't debating the issue of Gov. Rendell or the right/left slant of the papers, but, instead, the aspect that the Trib doesn't devote as much coverage to Greensburg as it once did.

Lou's claim (and this is paraphrasing at best, so, Lou would have to confirm or deny) was that there is a vast imbalance in the coverage of the Pittsburgh area to the Greensburg area within the Trib.

Such, myself and Jay even said to him that there's just more news in Pittsburgh. Going back to a previous entry - Greensburg is much smaller in scope than Pittsburgh. Sure, the surrounding areas provide enough news to constitute at least a mention, but that's about it. I made the comparison that Greensburg was equal to Monroeville. Monroeville doesn't get it's own section in the Trib, so why should G-burg? Lou's claim that the Trib began in Greensburg and should stay true to it's roots, though admirable, is silly. Plum, Monroeville and Penn Hills all have the Advanced Leader to represent local news. New Kensington, Deer, Burrel, Arnold, they all have the Valley News Dispatch to cover local stories. The Trib covers international, national, state-wide, and some major local news.

Let's face facts - Greensburg doesn't exactly have daily news that changes the face of Pennsylvania. Sometimes the Governor comes by to give SHU a big check of monies, but it's not like there's Earth-shattering news everyday. Not to say Pittsburgh's news is more important, but it has more draw and impact on more people. Honestly, I don't care what happens in Jeanette. Maybe you do. I care more about what happens in Homestead, the Hill District, South Side, West Mifflin and Squirrel Hill than I do Norwin, Hempfield, Youngwood, etc.

It means more to you if you live here, but, there's just not as much news. And that's a good thing. Don't take it as a bash against the town - more dangerous, crime-filled areas get more news coverage. For every story about Jeanette or Irwin, there are at least 10 for Rankin, Braddock or Wilkinsburg.

It's not discriminating against Greensburg, it's just...well, there's less reason to cover the area. Why should they sell themselves short and cut news about their reader's surroundings to provide equal coverage for Greensburg.

If you want one page of stories for Greensburg, then you provide one page of stories for every region.

After an hour or so, Lou and I just gave up some. We weren't getting anywhere, and we each had our own stuff to do.

I enjoyed debating with him. We got some strange looks from people.

Posted by KevinMcGinnis at October 14, 2005 12:45 PM


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