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November 11, 2005

Blog Portfolio v.3.0

Dr Jerz or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Endless Streams of Crime and Court Reporting. Blogging portfolio volume 3, now with over 325,000% more statistics that are completely and totally accurate and not misleading whatsoever.


Trib Review, Nov 8

Trib Review Presentation

Sonic and a Pizza chain

Crime Faerie Tale

Proxies and Stats

AP Guide to Kevin getting sued Daily

Ok, Seriously

The Great Jumble of Facts.

The Long Dark of Moria

In Response to Spot News.

The Reporter's Notebook.

The Trib and Channel 4.

Why is Ther Journalism and what is the truth?.

Who journalists work for, Verification, and Indep. from faction.

Trib Review: Speech Codes.

Dr. Arnzen

Homecoming story


Readings From the Onion

Trib Review


Proxies and Stats

Crime Faerie Tale

Who journalists work for, Verification, and Indep. from faction.

In Response to Spot News.

Trib Review


AP Guide to Kevin getting sued daily

In Response to Spot News.

Dr. Arnzen

Trib Review


Hank Rollins at the Byham

Please allow Myself to Introduce...Myself.

Journalistic Integrity, eh?

Xenoblogging and Interaction:

Blog Portfolio v2.0

In Response to Spot News.

Let's see - Mike's response to my blog

My comment in Lou's blog.

Journalistic Integrity, eh?

Videogames for Sale

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Trib Review, Nov 8

I was really, really hoping we would talk about the Elections, but to no avail. I haven't had time to really sit and organize my thoughts on them yet, other than that it's been a good year to be a Democrat.

Court reporting. I've kinda had my fill. The Exercise today, God willing, will be the death rattle of this section.

I'm just sick, tired and really want Thanksgiving break to hurry up and get here. I need sleep. I don't care if the clowns will eat me, I need sleep.

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November 8, 2005

Trib Review presentation

Sorry, I wish I had more to say about Amanda's presentation, but I heard a lot of this from my friend Kathleen (I mentioned her last month), and, honestly, I don't like the Trib. Never have, never will. No disrespect to Amanda or the work she did, which was excellent, I just have my own bias against The Trib and anytime I hear their name I automatically associate it with some major BS.


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November 5, 2005

Poor Katie (Lambert). She had her thunder stolen. I've had that happen *cough*Jay*Cough*. It sucks. Sorry.

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November 3, 2005

Sonic and a Pizza Chain

I love Hedgehogs. I want one as a pet. I hate Hedgehogs. They ruin the damn news.

Have you ever been in a debate with someone and they have one fact ("I Invented the Internet," "It's hard to put food on your family," "No New Taxe," "I voted for the 87 Million before I voted against it") and they just keep bleating it like a mindless sheep? Yeah, that's the media anymore.

They'll focus on one detail. One Quote. One little thing and make a whole story of it. I hate when people do that because the mind narrows and then all you see are things like that. You focus on the bad, stupid things and ignore the good.

The same could be said, though, for the Foxes in that sometimes the coverage is too broad and too much of the "big picture" that you omit the smaller details and the jigsaw puzzle of life doesn't really fit together without a little persuasive meeting with Mr. Tack-hammer.

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