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February 19, 2007

I still have a hard time trusting somebody named "Wolfgang"

Wolfgang? There are still actually people named Wolfgang? I imagine its a fairly common name elsewhere, just not one you hear around this neck of the woods too often.

I really enjoyed the long quote in the 2nd column on page 144, right before the break. The entire final paragraph before the break I found to be both entertaining and informative.

My buddy Wolfgang discusses the three types of readers; the superreader, the intended reader, and the informed reader. I had never really looked into this theory much, and the difference between types of readers - I always knew there were different types, but I didn't know they really had names or anything.

One looks to style, another looks to sociology and reaction, while the last one looks to historical disposition. Perhaps it was just me, but I never really limited myself, knowingly, to an examination of one or the other. Some have claimed that I try to hit too many bases with looking at historical fact as well as my own personal reaction while studying a device or element within the text...

And that is exactly what is being professed in my boy Wolfgang's essay - linking all these things to ascertain the true reaction of the reader which will, ultimately, give the work some meaning.

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