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March 12, 2007

Culler: Structure, Literature (sorry, I'm too ill to come up with original titles)

"Critics are accustomed to think of their taks as that of producing new and subtler interpretations of literary works, and to ask them to attend to what must be taken for granted by experienced readers of literature cannot but seem an impoverishment of the critical enterprise."

This was Culler's first "obstacle" for critics. I found it humorous that he used a structure such as "First, this obstacle. Next, this obstacle..." when writing on structure.

I also enjoyed his discussion on the William Carlos Williams poem and how it is the notion of poetic convention which makes us all tilt our heads like dogs hearing an ice-cream van rumbling down the road. I also couldn't help but think (here's that intertextuality), when he began his discussion of binary dimenion by addressing the variables of X, Y, A, and B (like a videogame controller), of the classic scene from The Dead Poets Society when Robin Williams has the student reading the intro to their text that has boiled poetry down to linear equations and plot points on a graph. Just an observation. That's all.

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