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March 27, 2007

Liz Wright: I went to high school with gal by that name...there isn't a snowball's chance in Hell she would ever write something like this.

Sorry, my titles have become more biting and sarcastic as I delve deeper into the long night.

"The term 'structuration' suggests that the text can be caught in the act of producing itself, whereas the term 'structure' suggests a closed, unified, stable artifact."

Once again, as the previous post states - the tiredness is getting to what I type, so...bear with me. I do think Wright poses an interesting perspective on the battle of structure v. Structuration - and doing so in a structuralist way, by discussing the language difference. Structuration, it seems, is capable of recreating itself and growing/developing almost entirely on its own - free verse poetry, I would say is an example of structuration. For the free verse poet, they aren't necessarily following any set of rules or guides, as "structure" would dictate, but instead they set their own rules or throw out the rules enitrely.

She also defines structure as being "closed, unified, stable," which, once again, I can agree with. Yep...alright. Too tired. Just nodded off for a few and so forth. Perhaps I'll revisit this post in the next few days, but for now, I'm sleeping

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