September 17, 2004

"Whirr, Whirr," said the taunting little machine

My first weeks here at SHU, as im sure goes for everyone else too, have been extremely busy. I have barely had time to hang out with my friends and get my homework done, much less do anything else. Today, a few bright hours of worktime ahead of me, i decided to do something i have been lacking in the past two weeks or so.

After getting out of work today, i went back up to my room, and was going to drop off my bookbag and gather my laundry so i could head over to Sullivan. and make myself at home for a good two hours reading The Scarlet Letter. I got everything ready and began my journey across the muddy sidewalks and through the torrential downpour. Draggin my bag down three flights of stairs, and then some more in sullivan, i finally made it to the laundry room, a tad wet, but ready for some bonding time with my laundry detergent and my assigned Lit reading (which by the way, i really like). I put my card in the machine, and attempted to insert my money, the machine whirred at me a couple of times, and the green lights on it just begging you to insert your green blinked in a much seductive way. I pulled my money out and made sure the corners weren't folded. Still, only the whir whir and the blinky green lights. I turned my green the other way, i turned it upside down, i turned it upside down and backwards, NOTHING was working. I proceeded to drag my laundry back up the stairs and to the bookstore, where i left it sitting outside to inquire about the said problem to the personnel within. They told me that a number of people had been complaining about the machine today. I said thank you and went back out to retrieve my laundry. Thankfully, it was all still there, none of the little monkeys i have been battling lately had stolen my underwear (Stupid Monkeys). I then proceeded to drag my laundry back though the rain and back up all three flights of stairs to my room. I have now determined the little monkeys broke the machine so i wouldn't be able to do my laundry so they would have more chances to steal it (Stupid Monkeys). At least i got to walk through the rain, this not only cooled me down, but made me slightly happier. I like rain, but i still have dirty clothes.

Posted by Lori Rupert at September 17, 2004 04:20 PM
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