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September 20, 2005

Clever Sister

Stop blaming him. You blame him, you blame the government, you blame the drugs, you blame blacks. You blame the Percys. You blame the kids for being there. What about Matthew Poncelet? Where is he in this story? Just an innocent? Just a victim?

I ain't no victim.

Prejean has a very good point here. He has become what he claims he hates the most. For example, he says he hates when blacks blame everything on slavery, and yet he is blaming his situation on other things too. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions. He is playing the part of the victim. Prejean was very clever to use that word..."victim." I think that is what ultimately leads him to confess the truth to her. I think she uses that word on purpose to try to help him realize he needed to own up to everything that he did.

Posted by LorinSchumacher at September 20, 2005 4:22 PM


That is right. I didnt remember when i was reading the play that he did say that in the beginning and then said how he aint no victim.

Posted by: Denamarie at September 20, 2005 5:57 PM

I didn't realize she had carefully chosen to use the word "victim." I had thought they were just having a casual conversation. I think you're right; she was trying to manipulate him into admitting his crimes.

Posted by: Kayla Sawyer at September 20, 2005 6:30 PM

It's great that Helen got him to admit his crimes, but it would have been even better if he admitted his specific role.

On pg. 38 Poncelet tells Helen that all he did was hold Walter Delacroix back while Vitello did all the killing. On pg. 139 we find out that it was actually Vitello holding him back.

Posted by: Kayla Sawyer at September 20, 2005 6:54 PM

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