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September 28, 2005

Elements of Journalism, Ch 3-5

I think that journalist and the media often get a bad wrap for lots of reasons. People lose faith in their accuracy and they get upset if they don't cover what they personally think should be covered. I know where I am from our main paper, the Stars and Stripes, which was distributed at bases throughout Europe, but operated out of Ramstein, Germany. All of us athletes at my high school in Lakenheath, England would get frustrated when we felt they wouldn't adequately cover our successes, but would make a big deal of each Ramstein victory. And it also seemed that if we bombed a big game they would make a big deal of how we got "shut out," but if the same happened to Ramstein, they made as little notice of it as possible.

But, I have to say that I am now more understanding of the pressure reporters are under. They are suppose to tell the truth, but they have to also be "businessmen" and sell papers and at the same time be "independent from faction" and unbiased. They have lots of places to go to cover stories and deadlines to meet. It is not so easy to get everything perfect.

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